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CUE Haven

Image of CUE Haven's restoration project. Case study of project funded by the Jenkins Foundation. New Zealand.

CUE Haven is the vision of Aucklanders Thomas & Mahrukh Stazyk, who bought a 24 hectare farm in 2003. Concerned about the effect of grazing on water quality and the lack of public native bush reserves in fast growing Auckland they decided to restore the farm into a native nature reserve for the community to use and enjoy into perpetuity.

The restoration project which began in 2008 is an excellent example of individuals, government and the private sectors all working together for the common good and to create something special for generations to enjoy. Over 4,000 volunteers from schools, community and business groups have provided countless hours planting, weeding, building walking tracks and benches, and tending to seedlings in the nursery.

170,000+ native species have been planted to complement the existing bush remnants on the property, the wetlands have been restored and the tree canopy is emerging. At the same time pest control measures have been introduced and the area is now attracting a variety of native birds.

The property was gifted to was CUE Haven Community Trust in 2017 to be used by the community for education and quiet enjoyment.

C-U-E stands for Cultivating, Understanding and Enlightenment, a place where people can explore nature, disconnect from technology, relax, share ideas and cultivate an understanding about themselves, other people and the universe. For more information go to

The values of CUE Haven closely align with the Jenkins Foundation and we are proud to make our inaugural grant to this organisation.