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What We Fund

What We Will Consider

Community and Economic Development initiatives could include:

  • Protecting the environment, such as re-vegetation, afforestation, protection of our waterways, coastlines, pest eradication and the reintroduction of native bird species.

  • Promoting the permanent preservation of places of historic interest for the nation, including initiatives that encourage public awareness of our heritage.

  • Assistance in funding public amenities including walkways, parks, gardens, museums, information boards and recreational facilities.

  • The advancement of education for the benefit of the New Zealand public. We will prioritise programmes that educate youth in culture, life skills and environmental initiatives.

  • We will consider initiatives that provide assistance to disadvantaged groups in our society and we encourage active participation by individuals in Community organisations.

Is Your Project Eligible?

  • Projects must be Community lead and controlled. Our preference is to provide money and resources for specific projects. We will not provide funds towards general running costs, wages and salaries.

  • Any development or initiative must be economically and environmentally sustainable.

  • It is critical that the project brings benefit to all public and encourages diversity and inclusion. The Foundation will not provide funding to individuals, sports or any closed groups.

  • Preference will be given to organisations who have a proven track record of financial stability and deliverables to the community.

  • We would be very happy to partner with other recognised organisations who can provide matched funds or resources to ensure the success of the project.

  • We will require a proposal including costs (quotes may be required), specific timeframes, who will benefit and how will success be measured.

  • We will expect to be kept appraised on the progress of the initiative and will post a case study on our website.