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Application Process

Applying for funding from the Jenkins Foundation is a simple process

Please make sure your initiative meets our criteria


Use the Contact Tab


Submit your name, organisation, a brief description of the project, amount of funding required and partnership detail


We will contact you to learn more about your organisation, the proposed initiative and to give you guidance on submitting an application for funding. The Trustees will then consider this initial contact and either ask you to submit a formal application or alternatively advise you if we are unable to assist you at this time.


You will then need to submit a detailed Business Plan or Proposal, all information will only be shared with our Trustees and will be treated in utmost confidence. The plan should include:

  • A comprehensive description of your project.

  • A full description of your organisation, your primary purpose, years operating and the names of the main office holders.

  • The plans for this initiative, including the timeframe and who will manage the programme.

  • Try to quantify the need and how your programme will address this need.

  • Include the intended outcomes of your initiative.

  • How and when will you measure the expected outcomes?

  • Will the project require ongoing funding to maintain viability? How will future funding be provided?

  • A budget for the project will be required. Please show other funding providers secured or proposed.

  • Quotations for goods and services should be provided.

  • Please provide referees for the principals and your organisation


The Trustees will then consider your application and advise you of an outcome within 90 days