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Trees For Survival 2023

Trees For Survival Coordinators demonstrate planting technique

This winter marked Trees for Survival's 32nd planting year and The Jenkins Foundation and New World Victoria Park are proud sponsors of the Trees for Survival programme, at both Freemans Bay and Herne bay Primary Schools. The sponsorship helps fund the purchase of seedlings and transportation to the planting sites with keen, excited young students.

Planting season is a true highlight the Trees for Survival students who raised their native plants from tiny seedlings and their diligent work pays off when they get to go on a planting day and plant their plants as a contribution to enrich their local, natural environment.

Sponsorship and schools are coordinated by the Rotary Club of Downtown Auckland who also provide planting support on the day. Special thanks to member Daniel Turkel who has led the charge for this programme for many years.

Image of the The Rotary Club of Downtown Auckland members lending a hand at the Trees For Survival planting day.

With often around 1,000 natives to plant in a day, this requires true community effort. With the help of parents, teachers, landowners and Trees for Survival partners, planting days are an opportunity to come together, roll up our sleeves and all work as a team to plant the native plants that the students grew.

In September the Trees for Survival schools received and potted up their small seedlings from tiny plugs into planter bags.

Once potted up, the plants will be growing happily in the school shade houses for the next 9+ months. Until then, the students will nurture their seedlings in anticipation of next winter when the planting season begins again.

Image of the shade house unit at Freemans Bay Primary School