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EnviroPAST: Plastic And Sustainability Talks Two Day Conference

EnviroPAST: Plastic And Sustainability Talks, is a two-day conference, aimed to educate, inspire, connect, and challenge rangatahi, connecting them with the leading sustainability experts. 

Youth are becoming increasingly concerned about environmental issues; however, taking the next step of making a difference can be challenging, especially without adequate guidance and support. EnviroPAST aims to serve as a bridge between concern and action by providing young people with the space, tools, and knowledge they need to create positive change.

For this year’s event, 100 young people came together from all across Te Whanganui-a-Tara, to partake in kōrero, panels, hands-on workshops, and a practical action component. This took place at Te Herenga Waka, Rutherford House. 

Our theme was “Environmental Wellbeing”, which focussed on how rangatahi can advocate for the environment in a way that is mentally sustainable for them. Topics covered at our forum included climate anxiety, activism burnout, careers, and design thinking for sustainability, among many others.

We also collaborated with Forest and Bird, partaking in their conservation work at Chartwell Bush, Crofton Downs. This was a very rewarding experience, where the EnviroPAST team and attendees assisted with planting, weeding, and litter clean up.

We are very grateful for the funding provided by the Jenkins Foundation. This allowed us to provide the necessary resources needed for our forum, in support of this year's key themes and ideas. Funding from the Jenkins Foundation was an immense help in delivering environmental education in an accessible way.

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